Aptco and the Enviroment

Manufacturing for the agricultural community has instilled in APTCO a deep appreciation for the environment. APTCO maintains a clean state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, employing highly efficient manufacturing processes, and captures all scrap materials on site and is a collection location. Aptco recycles over 500,000 pounds a year of other EPS scrap.

The collected scrap is compacted and used for secondary processing of useful items, these items are represented by a number 6 recycled symbol.

 Recyclable 6

These are just a few items made from recycled EPS and can be recycled again.

“One Common misperception, both in the industry and in the world, is that if something is recyclable, it’s not an environmental burden. Yet that’s not always the case. Paper is a perfect example of this. Unlike most other recyclables, it cannot be recyceld over and over again. Eventually the fibers become too weak and short to be used again. Most molded pulp is made from recycled material such as newsprint, which has a large percentage of short fiber that has already been reycled serveral times. So if you think that molded pulp is 100% recyclable as it is commonly touted to be, think again.”

With the help of the people EPS products can avoid the landfill and can be recycled and reused. This is just a few ways APTCO does it’s part for the environment. APTCO is recognized in the industry as a leader in safety, quality, employee appreciation, customer needs, efficiency, environmental, recycling and full product traceability.

EPS Industry Alliance

“Expanded polystyrene (EPS) recycling innovations are made each year – watch our video to see the inventive solutions from across the industry.”

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APTCO’s commitment to excellence has been incorporated into every aspect of the business. APTCO’s unwavering commitment has resulted in unmatched performance to serve each and every valued customer. Aptco is a proud member of the EPS Inudustry Alliance.

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